Music Promotion

Where words fail, music speaks.

Social Media Promotion

There is no doubt that social media like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter plays a major role in online music promotion. It now a major tool in online advertising with its over 5 million+ active users from Nigeria only and over 1 Billion active users throughout the world. Topline Promoters will promote your music or you record by advertising on facebook using facebook ads, our youtube channel and our official or other brother music related twitter pages. Our ground breaking Facebook advertisement using the facebook paid advert platform is sure to provide an artiste or a band all the publicity they need on the internet scenario. If you an artiste that has a fan page or a website of your own we will promote that for you and we guarantee you nothing less that 50,000 more likes on your page and downloads of your tracks (wow!). If you don’t have a website Topline Promoters will create one for you on request!

Design of artiste website

Create a beautiful artiste website to showcase yourself and your music. We will Create a high quality website for you to boost your music career and get your fans closer to you. A website that will be professionally and beautifully crafted just for you, will look stunning any device, which will make you stand out from the crowd, Engage and grow your fan base, Showcase your music and videos and sell your music with ease while retaining 100% of your sales and royalties.

Music distribution and Monetization

With our Music distribution service you’ll get your music to all major players like Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon and 150+ digital stores. You don’t need a label to share your music with the world, You keep 100% of your rights and 100% of the money you earn.

Need Our Service?

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