#NewMusic (Baghdad-Al-Shams by Aida Nadeem)


Download and listen to BAGHDAD-AL-SHAMS



Aida Nadeem is a contemporary musician, vocalist, composer & performer
Her artistic journey of thousand miles started from Baghdad, the cradle of Mesopotamia!
She realized that she would rather create her own musical realms & that was the turning point in her life, where she began exploring the underground & alternative music scene…
The sound she create is a crossover, a mix of many elements as jazz, folk & old Arabic poetry, it is the merge of contrasts interpreted in harmonies approach!
She has played in most well know venues & festivals around Europe, such as Roskilde, Womad & Glastonbury. besides, she performed with eminent artists as Enzo Avitalbe, Aki Nawaz, Pierre Dorge/the jungle Orchestra.
Art, for her, is a lifestyle, it is the spot that enhances her human pertinence…
With art & through art, we can make a difference in our world!
Her artistic journey of a thousand miles is still going on & her motto will keep being:

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